The project is investigating the creative process of composing by means of algorithmic composition.
Although such investigations have not been performed so far, the methods and captivating aspects of algorithmic composition allow for a strong methodological basis for the realization of the project goal. Within the framework of an "artistic laboratory" the composers, project leader and the programmer enter a manifold dialog and explore musical intuitions within the framework of generating and evaluation cycles.
The composers work within the framework of self-found musicals tasks in order to realize a piece for chamber music setting. The specific compositional strategies and musical constraints will be discussed with the project leader. The project leader and the programmer draft formalization strategies. As a result of this process generating and controllable software will develop, whose output will be evaluated by the composers in regards to the realization of their musical task formulations.
The evaluation of the output, artistic implications and new compositional strategies will be discussed in a subsequent cycle with the project manager and then subjected to suitable formalization strategies. Through the work within several such generation and evaluation cycles musical material should be generated, which more and more comply with the musical intentions of the composers. At the same time a dynamic algorithmic model is evolving, increasingly allowing for a better description of the compositional intentions.
Representation strategies for said algorithmic models are explored, which are able to efficiently describe aspects like compositional premises, musical constraints, decision-making processes on an objectifiable level. The approach of this project hence tries to illuminate subjective knowledge-generating elements from a scientific external point of view via a multifaceted dialog. The focus of these explorations lies on the creative process of the compositional process itself. The specific formulation of the project should enable the development of new methods of musical arts-based research, which are highly suitable for process-oriented research of musical creation.
Findings of this project should be accessible and effectively conveyed to both, the scientific and artistic community and also to the general public by means of a presence on the internet, publications, concerts and project presentations.